Isagenix side effects

Isagenix is a program popular among those who want to lose weight. The idea is that you replace your daily meals with specialized shakes and have three of them a day. The shakes are supposed to supply you with all the necessary vitamins and minerals.
Unfortunately people who follow this program and take those shakes may have some side effects.
Everybody should understand that every diet is an important process, and to prevent serious diseases you should consult your doctor before starting a course and also if you don’t feel well throughout it.

Headaches is the most frequent side effect people usually have. The pain can be more or less intensive, most of the patients say that they have pain on the temples. Some people don’t like it and stop the program. Usually the pains stop after your body is used to such treatment.
People, following Isagenix program, can sometimes feel really nervous and shaky. According to the doctors’ point of view, this happens because people don’t get enough food. Those participants who had not only shakes, but also snacks, didn’t have much of this side effect. Some people also reported that they started to feel better after a good snack. So, if you experience this side effects, eat something to raise your blood sugar.

There are some more sight effects which don’t happen often. One of them is vomiting. And it happens not because of the shakes but as a result of stomach reaction to the new ingredients.
People can also have some negative reactions at the very start of the course, because their organisms are not ready for reduced nutrition yet.
Those people who follow Isagenix system reported that they had increased heart rate. Such effect can cause some more, such as dizziness, headaches,etc.

Some side effects are experienced by people because of the shakes’ ingredients. Isagenix shakes are rich in fiber, and you can have some problems if you get enough of it from the food. The idea is that an average person gets only 14 grams of fiber per day, and we normally need much more: women -25 grams, men -38. The producers of shakes understand that and try to supply people with this element. But if you already get enough fiber, extra 8-9 grams can provocate pains in stomach, bloating.

Some shakes of Isagenix program contain about 40% of adult’s day limit of niacin, a B vitamin. If you replace your daily meals with three Isagebix shakes, you can get too much of this vitamin. And because of that such side effects as flushing and red skin are coming. Extra niacin in your organism can be the cause of liver problems, rashes and ulcers.

All the Isagenix shakes are based on Myo-IsaLean Complex, which is made of two concentrates, whey protein and milk protein, and also dry non-fat milk. These components can be the reason of lots of side effects. Firstly, if you have lactose intolerance or sensitive to lactose, the shakes can be really harmful for you, because they can cause abdominal pain and cramping, acid reflux, constipation, nausea, headaches, dizziness, muscle pain and lots more.
If even you don’t have any problems with lactose, you may be allergic to milk proteins.

Our body also needs chromium. It is necessary for blood sugar regulation. Every day a grown up needs about 25-30 mg of this element. Every Isagenix shake has 80% of daily chromium. And this means that if you get two shakes a day or a shake and some food rich in chromium, that will be too much. Food which has a lot of chromium is mushrooms, asparagus, nuts, vegetables, cheese, lean meat. Excess of chromium causes heart problems, diarrhea, digestion problems, flushing.
People who are allergetic to leather can also be allergetic to chromium. In such case it is better not to take Isagenix shakes at all

If you really want to lose weight and are eager to try Isagenix program, you should be very careful. Firstly consult your doctor and then, if you have already started, look after your body and organism.